Tencent named executives responsible for a breakdown of WeChat and QQ functions that occurred on March 29 in an email to all staff. Voice chat, social networking, payment, file transfers, and mailboxes went down for several hours on the major Chinese platforms, which likely caused social panic, according to local media outlet Jiemian. Tencent held Lu Shan, president of its technology engineering group, and Zhou Hao, vice president of WeChat’s business group, responsible for the crash, which it categorized as a serious incident caused by a failure of its server’s cooling system at Guangzhou Telecom, Jiemian reported, citing the results of an internal investigation. Tencent’s financial report for 2022 Q4 revealed that its WeChat app had 1.313 billion monthly active users, while QQ mobile had 572 million monthly active users. [Jiemian, in Chinese]