Chinese e-commerce giant JD has implemented an organizational overhaul of its main business unit JD retail, according to local media outlet 36Kr. As part of the restructuring, JD will cut an organizational layer, reducing its reporting hierarchy between ordinary employees and JD retail’s CEO to a maximum of three levels, the report noted. The former business group will be divided into specific operation units based on subcategories, with each unit responsible for sales in that category and heads of operating units gaining decision-making autonomy. The company also plans to remove a distinction between self-operated and third-party goods as the former has generally received more traffic. The elimination of this distinction aims to drive internal competition for a smoother execution of JD’s low-price strategy, the report said, citing several sources. Mainstream shopping platforms such as Taobao and JD are being pushed to enhance efficiency as they are threatened by rapid growth at newer online shopping channels. [36Kr, in Chinese]