Alibaba has integrated its new ChatGPT-like service into DingTalk, its workplace collaboration tool. The move follows the tech giant’s roll out of its own large language model, Tongyi Qianwen, last week. During a real-time demonstration on Tuesday, DingTalk President Ye Jun showcased how the updated app could automatically organize the main points of previous group chats when new people join. The AI-powered DingTalk can also assisting users in generating articles and posters in seconds in response to prompts. Ye Jun also noted that DingTalk is the first product to embed Alibaba’s ChatGPT-style tool and now has “exclusive access to most of the computing power resources” behind the program, according to local media outlet Caixin. Rival ByteDance-owned office software platform Feishu is also hurrying to provide AI offerings within its app. [Caixin, in Chinese]