On Thursday, Beijing-based tech firm Mobvoi launched its own AI large model called Xulie Houzi (which loosely translates as “Sequencing Monkey”), two months after co-founder and CEO Li Zhifei announced his intention to create a Chinese version of OpenAI. Li noted that the newly launched model contains tens of billions of parameters, which is less than the 175 billion parameters claimed by OpenAI’s GPT-3. The startup also introduced four creation assistant products at the Xulie Houzi press conference, including artificial intelligence-powered writing, drawing, and dubbing tools, as well as those with the ability to assist with avatar-led videos and livestreaming. Mobvoi was founded by ex-Google research scientist Li in 2012 with funding from Sequoia Capital China and Google. To date, it has unveiled multiple wearables devices and its own smartwatch OS, and developed Chinese-language speech recognition technologies. [Caixin, in Chinese]