TikTok owner ByteDance has recently released a new social networking app named Youshi, which is similar to the popular Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, according to TechPlanet, a local media outlet. Youshi is an upgraded and renamed version of the Toutiao Search app owned by ByteDance’s news aggregation and information platform Jinri Toutiao. The app’s introduction page states that it offers content on food, life experiences, practical skills, and more. Currently, Youshi is only available for Android users. ByteDance is focusing on exploring lifestyle community products this year, as its short video app TikTok faces a possible ban in the US. Lemon8, likened to a blend of Instagram and Pinterest, was launched in the US in February and has quickly become the second most downloaded lifestyle app in the US in the last 30 days as of April 23, according to research firm data.ai. [TechPlanet, in Chinese]