Great Wall Motor on Monday introduced the Fierce Dragon Max, a new plug-in hybrid crossover under its once-dominant Haval series and the first model equipped with its four-wheel drive technologies. The new SUV comes with a competitive starting price of RMB 159,800 ($22,742). By comparison, a top-end version of BYD’s Song Plus DM-i, featuring four wheel drive and three engines, costs RMB 207,800. Speaking to reporters on Thursday in Shanghai, Liu Zhigang, a chief engineer at Great Wall, said that its new Hi4 technology, which stands for Hybrid intelligent 4WD, offers users an all-terrain driving capability and a smooth transition between different modes. As of November 2021, the Chinese automaker had sold 3.6 million units of its Haval H6, a long-time best-selling sports utility vehicle which has seen sustained popularity in China in the decade since its launch in 2011. [TechNode reporting, Great Wall Motor announcement, in Chinese]