On Tuesday, Beijing-based technology company Mobvoi filed for an initial public offering in Hong Kong, becoming the first Chinese company to launch a listing based on AI-generated content (AIGC). According to the prospectus, Mobvoi offers AI software solutions for enterprises, including an AI voice-over assistant, an AI writing assistant, an AI voice interaction solution, and an intelligent customer service solution. The company also manufactures intelligent devices such as AI smartwatches and AI smart treadmills. The prospectus highlights that since 2020, Mobvoi has attracted over 6 million registered users of AIGC solutions worldwide. For the fiscal years 2020, 2021, and 2022, Mobvoi reported revenues of RMB 265 million ($37 million), RMB 398 million ($56 million), and RMB 500 million ($70 million) respectively. Mobvoi has received investment totaling $2.55 billion across six financing rounds from Sequoia Capital, Google, and Volkswagen Group among others. [Sina, in Chinese]