Denza, a luxury car subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer BYD, is projecting monthly sales of over 15,000 units for its D9 multi-purpose vehicles, according to a June 4 post by General Manager Zhao Changjiang on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. However, no specific timeframe for when this target will be met was provided. The figure would represent an increase of approximately 36% compared to the 11,005 D9 vans delivered in May, which had a starting price of RMB 335,000 ($49,413). Denza has achieved a cumulative delivery of 55,496 units as of last month since deliveries began in October. On March 22, the electric vehicle maker showcased its second model, the N7, priced from RMB 350,000 ($49,265), with plans to commence deliveries of the battery-powered sports utility vehicle in July. BYD also operates another premium sub-brand Yangwang and plans to launch a new luxury marque codenamed F later this year. [Zhao Changjiang Weibo post, in Chinese]