Zhu Jiang, former Vice President in charge of user management and operations at Jidu Automobile, an intelligent car company co-founded by Baidu and Geely, has joined the American electric vehicle startup Lucid to take charge of the company’s business in the Chinese market, according to Chinese media outlet Jiemian. Zhu told the outlet that Lucid is still in the early stages of its preparation for entry into the Chinese market. Before joining Jidu Automobile, Zhu was a senior figure at BMW MINI and helped Lexus hit the target of selling 100,000 cars annually in China in 2016. Zhu started sharing information about Lucid on his social media in April this year. Regarding Lucid’s recent $3 billion financing, he said, “the money is aimed at accelerating Lucid’s steps to bring the most advanced electric vehicle technology and best user experience to the industry and global users. China is also looking forward to its movement.” Lucid faces low sales volume and production capacity in the US market, with only 2,314 vehicles produced and 1,406 vehicles sold in Q1 of 2023, according to Jiemian. [Jiemian, in Chinese]