Five months after Blizzard and NetEase failed to renew an agreement for the latter to license the former’s games in China, a competition in new Blizzard title Diablo IV has again sparked controversy among Chinese players. Blizzard games have been largely unavailable to players on Chinese platforms since January, although they can still access titles if they use international service accounts. On Wednesday, during a celebration event for multiplayer action role-playing game Diablo IV, it emerged that Russian, Belarusian, Iranian, and Chinese players were not eligible for a challenge that would provide players from other regions with the opportunity to permanently engrave their names on the Statue of the Virgin Lilith in the game. The exclusion of Chinese players from this event led to a wave of frustration on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo. At the time of reporting, Blizzard had not provided any comment on the matter. [Securities Times, in Chinese]