Chinese selfie and social app maker Meitu released seven new AI products at once recently, including AI visual creation tool “WHEE”, AI voiceover tool for video-making “Kaipai”, desktop AI video editing tool “WinkStudio”, AI commercial design tool “Meitu Design Studio 2.0,” AI avatar generating tool “DreamAvatar”,  AI assistant “RoboNeo”, and the large-scale visual model “MiracleVision”. Meitu started investigating AI technology 13 years ago. In 2010, it established MT Lab to conduct research into the technology behind computer vision. Three years after that, Meitu dove into the field of deep learning. Meitu developed a prototype AIGC product, the “hand-drawn selfie” in 2016. Since spring 2022, Meitu’s AIGC products have helped to grow the company’s VIP membership from 4.5 million to 7.19 million in June. Meitu’s CEO Wu Xinhong said, “the rapid growth of VIP membership has allowed our subscription revenue to surpass advertising revenue, providing Meitu with another route to commercialization.” [AIGC OPEN, in Chinese]