On June 30, China’s fitness app startup Keep launched its IPO and revealed plans for an offering of 10.839 million shares, of which 9.755 million shares are for international distribution and 1.084 million shares for public subscription. Each share has a maximum price set at HK$61.46 ($7.844). The final offering price will be confirmed on July 5, preceding the official listing date of July 12. Keep expects to raise net proceeds of HK$366 million ($46.713 million) from this fundraising effort if the shares are priced at HK$45.19 ($5.768) each. If they fully exercise the over-allotment option, the total net funding raised could reach up to HK$437 million ($55.783 million). These funds will primarily be invested in research and development, diversification and enhancement of fitness content, brand publicity, and other promotional activities. [36Kr, in Chinese]