Chinese tech giant Tencent’s User Research and Experience Design Department, operating under the Technology Engineering Group (TEG CDC) was reportedly disbanded on June 28. Tencent responded to the news by stating that the restructuring was a routine internal organizational adjustment driven by business development needs, and clarified that it did not involve any personnel layoffs, according to Jiupai News. CDC, officially known as the User Research and Experience Design Department, served as a middle-ground design support department under Tencent’s Technology Engineering Group. It was established in 2003 and became Tencent’s first and only official design department in 2006. Over the years, it played a significant role in designing notable Tencent products including social networking platform QQ Space, online music streaming and download platform QQ Music, and Tencent Video. At its peak, CDC even had the power to veto the release of Tencent products. [Jiupai News, in Chinese]