On Wednesday, China’s leading food delivery platform Meituan unveiled its latest generation of delivery drones, which are multi-rotor models designed for urban scenarios. According to the company, the drones can deliver within a three-kilometer radius in just 15 minutes. The new model boasts a maximum delivery distance of 10 kilometers, representing a significant 35% increase in range compared to the previous generation. Additionally, the new drones feature enhanced adaptability to handle various environmental conditions, such as moderate rain or snow, force six gales, and low-light night situations. Meituan has been actively developing drone technology since 2017 and successfully completed its inaugural delivery in Shenzhen in 2021. Currently, Meituan drones are operational in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and several other cities across China, according to the company, though to date only around 170,000 orders have been fulfilled by drone since 2021. [The Paper, in Chinese]