Chinese phone maker Oppo and automaker Li Auto have forged a partnership, allowing Oppo’s smartwatch to be able to act as a car key across Li Auto models. This function is exclusively available on the Oppo Watch 2, Oppo Watch 3 series, and the Oppo Watch SE, allowing users to use the car key function independently without the need for a mobile phone. As early as December 2020, Oppo’s digital car key was paired with Li Auto’s model One. In March 2021, Oppo launched the Find X3 series featuring an innovative function that allowed users to monitor the electric and fuel range of the Li Auto One directly from the ColorOS desktop’s negative one screen. Additionally, it also enabled remote car door control, car location via honking and car air conditioning management. In August 2021, Oppo debuted a watch car control feature for Oppo Watch 2 users, allowing them to check the vehicle status and control it remotely simply by raising their wrists. [IThome, in Chinese]