Dongfang Zhenxuan, the e-commerce unit operated by Chinese online education giant East Buy (formerly known as New Oriental), conducted its first livestreaming on its stand-alone app on July 5. This comes over a year after the renowned tutoring company found new growth through live e-commerce sales on Douyin in the wake of a regulatory crackdown on the country’s private education sector. Michael Yu, president of East Buy, also made an appearance on the first livestream on their app. While Dongfang Zhenxuan’s move has raised doubts over whether the firm intends to distance itself from Douyin and establish its own ecosystem, Yu addressed these concerns in a later livestreaming, emphasizing that the relationship between Dongfang Zhenxuan and TikTok’s sibling platform is “very good,” and that the two firms “mutually achieve and cooperate with each other.” [The Paper, in Chinese]