Workers at Tesla’s Shanghai plant, the company’s largest manufacturing facility by output, have received a significant increase in their quarterly performance bonuses, according to Reuters. Some employees from the plant received bonuses of 1.5 times their monthly salary for the second quarter, higher than previous quarterly bonuses which were 1.2 times the monthly salary, according to workers from Tesla. One source said their bonus in the first quarter had been reduced to 0.785 times their monthly salary. Previously in April, some people expressed their concerns about the bonus cut on social media and directly appealed to Elon Musk, the company’s founder. Musk promised to look into the issue. Until now, Tesla hasn’t responded to the previous complaints, nor has it explained the increase in bonus. However, the move coincides with Tesla achieving its highest quarterly delivery of China-made electric vehicles since the opening of its Shanghai plant with 247,000 units in the second quarter. [Reuters]