Chinese electric vehicle startup Niutron has successfully resumed its production plans, according to local media outlet AI-Drive on Monday. A recent document released by China’s top industry regulator shows that Niutron’s first model has received regulatory approval. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed on June 15 that Niutron’s manufacturing partner Dorcen has been granted permission to manufacture a sports utility vehicle that bears resemblance to Niutron’s initial model, the NV. Niutron, founded in 2018 by former Huawei vice president Li Yinan, originally encountered setbacks in its production timeline. However, the company made progress in October of last year with the launch of the NV crossover, priced at RMB 278,800 ($39,179). The vehicle was available as a plug-in hybrid capable of covering a driving range of up to 1,257 kilometers (781 miles). Niutron was unable to fulfill its delivery commitments within the anticipated timeframe however, leading to a full refund being issued to approximately 24,000 customers two months later. [AI-Drive, in Chinese]