On July 19, Tencent-backed digital publisher Yuewen Group launched “Yuewen Miao Bi,” the first large language model in the online literature industry. “This is the first large-scale model for China’s online publishing business and will be the most knowledgeable one about online literature,” Yuewen’s CEO Hou Xiaonan said. The large-scale model is based on general large language models, and incorporates vast amounts of data from the online publishing industry, including literature works on Yuewen’s online literary platforms and writing tutorials for authors provided by Yuewen Group. By the end of this month, 400 writers will participate in the internal testing of the author-assisting version of the model, which will help authors in world-building, character-creating, scene descriptions, and action-packed combat situations descriptions in their stories, according to the company’s announcement. [iFeng News, in Chinese]