Shen Jiaxiang, head of Alibaba DAMO Academy’s autonomous driving laboratory, has recently resigned from Alibaba Group. Sources familiar with the matter said that he might be venturing into entrepreneurship. In May of this year, the autonomous driving lab was integrated into Alibaba’s logistic arm, Cainiao Group. During this restructuring, approximately 100 employees from the lab were transferred to the technology team led by Cainiao’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), while nearly 200 employees, accounting for approximately 70% of the lab’s workforce, were laid off. Shen Jiaxiang, the team leader at the time of restructuring, was reportedly not included in the move to Cainiao Group. Over the past three years, Alibaba DAMO Academy has seen several senior researchers leave the organization, including Qi Yuan, who was in charge of AiFinance development at DAMO Academy, and Jin Rong, the vice president of DAMO Academy. [TechPlanet, in Chinese]