Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to focus on 5G smartphones and streamline its product portfolio in India, which is its most critical market outside China, according to Indian media outlet The Economic Times. Xiaomi had previously held the leading position in the Indian smartphone market for a significant time, but it faced regulatory issues and introduced an excessively broad product range, causing confusion among customers. In the past, the company launched “just too many products, too many options,” Muralikrishnan B., President at Xiaomi India said. In the quarter ending in March, Xiaomi ranked fourth in India’s smartphone market behind Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo, according to IDC research. To recapture its lost market share against competitors, Xiaomi is implementing several measures, such as reducing its workforce, outsourcing smartphone assembly, and expanding its offline stores. Part of the company’s strategy involves unveiling a new 5G smartphone on August 1, priced between $200 to $250, according to Anuj Sharma, the company’s chief marketing officer. The aim is to offer affordable 5G models locally assembled in India. [The Economic Times]