Chinese drone maker DJI’s autonomous driving system development division, DJI Automotive, has officially revealed the name of its new intelligent driving solution: Chengxing. The first mass-produced vehicle equipped with Chengxing will be launched in a few weeks. The intelligent driving platform is equipped with an inertial navigation stereoscopic binocular vision system, providing a computing power consumption as low as 32 TOPS and a pure visual configuration of 7V/9V, DJI said. It is capable of achieving L2+ intelligent driving functions, including City Memory Driving (32 TOPS) and Urban Navigation Driving (80 TOPS), through “strong real-time visual perception, independent of high-precision maps, and independent of LiDAR,” according to DJI’s announcement. Moreover, the platform supports additional sensors such as millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, LiDAR, and high-precision maps, further enhancing the system’s performance in extreme scenarios, the firm added. [DJI statement]