TSMC is using a new technique for producing smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient chips, termed 3-nanometer chips, for Apple almost a year ahead of its provision to other clients, according to an August 7 report by The Information. Additionally, the two firms have struck an agreement wherein TSMC will bear the costs of any unusable dies, which will potentially save Apple billions of dollars on chips for the new iPhones. Approximately 70% of TSMC’s initial 3nm chips have proven functional, though this statistic can fluctuate based on the chip type and tends to increase over time as processes are refined. The deal between the two is unconventional, deviating from the typical practice whereby TSMC customers are charged for both usable and defective units, the report stated. TSMC’s 3nm technology will remain exclusive to Apple for approximately a year before it becomes available to other companies. [The Information]