Chinese classified service provider 58 Group has been collecting graduates’ resumes and selling them at high prices to training institutions, according to an August 9 report by Chinese news site NetEase. 58 Group sells resumes at prices ranging from RMB 30 ($4.16) to RMB 2000 ($277.4), with a doctoral student’s resume priced as high as approximately RMB 1500 ($208.5). The company collects job seekers’ information from, a job service platform jointly developed by Xinhua Net and 58 Group, the report said. A former 58 employee told Netease, “In the first half of 2023, 58 Group cooperated with approximately ten companies and sold about 29,000 resumes, with a total revenue of RMB 1 million ($138,700). Reselling over 5,000 resumes without citizens’ consensus could potentially infringe upon their personal information rights and may lead to fixed-term imprisonment, a legal expert told NetEase. In response to the news, customer service staff from 58 Group said that the company does not engage in the resale of users’ information or any other illegal operations. [NetEase, in Chinese]