Tesla has won its case against Tesila Beer over a trademark dispute, according to Shanghai Securities News. The court ruled that Tesla’s series of trademarks are well-known and were being infringed by the unrelated beverage. It ordered Tesila Beer to immediately cease infringement of Tesla’s exclusive rights, stop unfair competition practices, compensate Tesla with RMB 5 million ($691,000), and publish articles in newspapers to clarify the facts of the case. Starting from 2019, a series of alcoholic beverages named Tesila Soda and Tesila Beer appeared in the market. The products featured a T-shaped logo similar to Tesla’s trademark, and some of the promotional materials even had pictures of Tesla’s Model X vehicles on them. Prior to the lawsuit, Tesla had also taken legal action against certain car sellers in China for using TESILA Used Car as a trademark. [Shanghai Securities News, in Chinese]