BAIC BJEV, a Chinese electric vehicle brand backed by Beijing-based automaker BAIC Group, will reveal its first electric vehicle jointly developed with Huawei under Huawei’s smart selection business model next year, according to Chinese media outlet CLS. Under the smart selection business model, Huawei is responsible for product positioning of the new EV brand, while BAIC BJEV is responsible for providing chassis architecture and vehicle production. The two companies will sell the as yet unnamed car through Huawei’s sales channels, an internal employee at BAIC Group told CLS. Prior to the move, BAIC BluePark, the direct holding company of BAIC BJEV, has already launched the Arcfox α-S model jointly developed with Huawei under “Huawei Inside” business model, making it the first production car to feature Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution and smart cockpit, in May 2021.[CLS, in Chinese]