Chinese automaker Geely unveiled its premium intelligent automotive brand JI YUE on August 14, according to Chinese media outlet Jiemian. The brand’s first model, JI YUE 01 has obtained qualification for market sales, according to publicly available information on the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Geely said in its statement that JI YUE came out of years of collaborative efforts between Baidu and Geely. In 2021, the two companies jointly established the robocar brand JIDU. However, JIDU missed out on the go-ahead for production, because new regulations introduced by MIIT in 2022 required both commissioning and commissioned parties to receive approval before production could begin, according to the report by Jiemian. JI YUE will benefit from Baidu’s AI achievements, such as its autonomous driving technologies and Ernie Bot, as well as Geely’s vehicle manufacturing expertise, Geely said in its statement. [Jiemian, in Chinese; Geely statement, in Chinese]