iFlytek, a Chinese company focused on intelligent speech and AI, unveiled the updated version of its large language model SparkDesk and a programming assistant called iFlyCode at a product launch on August 15, according to Chinese media outlet Caixin. During the event, iFlytek’s chairman Liu Qingfeng demonstrated the upgraded coding capabilities and multimodal features of the SparkDesk V2.0 model. Liu Cong, vice president of iFlytek, showcased the iFlyCode programming assistant by verbally instructing it to develop an aerial handwriting function using the Python language. iFlyCode provided Liu with process suggestions, ready-to-use code snippets for each step, and explanations and revisions for existing code. Liu successfully developed the function in around 10 minutes with minimal manual coding. At the product launch, iFlytek also announced a collaboration with Huawei’s AI computing solution provider Huawei Ascend to introduce an all-in-one product for large-scale model training and inference. [Caixin, in Chinese]