Foxconn’s facilities in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou are offering an increased hourly wage of RMB 26 ($3.55) for some positions, with monthly salaries ranging from RMB 6,000 ($820) to RMB 7,200 ($984) for assembly line workers, according to an August 16 report by Chinese media outlet The Time Weekly. Employees who work at the plant for over 90 days will receive an RMB 8,000 ($1,094) bonus and a RMB 200 ($27.3) transportation subsidy in addition to a basic salary of RMB 2,000 ($273), overtime pay, and other subsidies. With Apple’s upcoming product launch event for the iPhone 15 series expected in the fall, the biggest iPhone assembler is busy preparing. Foxconn’s factories in Taiyuan and Shenzhen have also raised their sign-on bonuses, the report said. “The highest bonus at Foxconn plants has reached RMB 8,000, which is considered average compared to that of previous years. In former years, employees could earn over RMB 10,000 ($1,367) per month in peak seasons,” an internal employee at Foxconn’s labor service supply company told The Time Weekly. Bonuses are likely to increase by around RMB 1,000 ($137), but this remains uncertain due to reduced orders and fewer required workers at China’s Foxconn facilities this year, the employee added. [The Time Weekly, in Chinese]