Tencent reported an 11% increase in revenue on Wednesday compared to the same quarter last year, driven by robust performances in advertising and international games. The tech giant’s second-quarter revenue reached RMB 149.2 billion ($20.6 billion), mirroring the previous quarter’s figures. Notably, the company unveiled the advertising earnings of its TikTok-like service, Video Accounts, for the first time, surpassing RMB3 billion during the period. This contributed to a significant 34% growth in online advertising—the highest in nearly five years. Revenues from Tencent’s international games also experienced a substantial rise of 19%, reaching RMB 12.7 billion. Meanwhile, its domestic games maintained a steady revenue, similar to the previous year, attributed by the company’s Chief Strategy Officer to a “slower release of commercial content” in the June-ending quarter. During the earnings call, Tencent’s President Martin Lau stated that the firm is expected to launch its own large language model “at some point in the latter part of this year,” revealing that internal testing has commenced to integrate the AI model across various sectors, including games, advertising, cloud services, and fintech. [Tencent]