Chinese drone maker DJI has been working on the development of a high-end e-bike, internally referred to as project EB, sources familiar with the matter have told tech media outlet 36Kr. The project is currently intended to be confidential, and DJI has declined to comment publicly on it. The 36Kr report revealed that the project leader, Alex Jia, previously managed the development of the DJI Ronin product, a handheld 3-axis camera gimbal designed for professional filmmakers. The development of the e-bike project dates back to 2020, the report added. The DJI e-bike is expected to target the high-end market segment, offering advanced sports features and a self-developed system. The company’s focus will be on overseas regions such as Europe and the US. According to the report, annual e-bike sales in Europe are projected to surpass 10 million units by 2025, while the US currently boasts a cycling population of 59 million. [36Kr, in Chinese]