Alibaba’s workplace communications platform DingTalk announced on August 22 that it has seamlessly integrated a large language model across its 17 product lines and 55 application scenarios. The new version of DingTalk with LLM-supported functions is expected to launch by the end of September. In terms of functionality, the updated DingTalk is capable of generating digital employees to assist in drafting job advertisements, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews, among others. Additionally, an AI teaching assistant in the new version can aid teachers in evaluating and analyzing student performance and creating PowerPoint presentations. In terms of pricing, customers using the professional version of DingTalk, priced at RMB 9,800 ($1,344), will need to pay an additional RMB 10,000 ($1,372) to access LLM-supported functions for an annual usage limit of 200,000 instances. Customers of the exclusive version, priced at approximately RMB 100,000, would need to pay an additional RMB 20,000 annually for a usage quota of 450,000 instances. DingTalk also offers an add-on service package priced at RMB 3,000 that enables 50,000 instances of use. [Caixin, in Chinese]