Xiaomi has finalized CALB and CATL as its primary and secondary electric vehicle battery suppliers, according to an August 22 report by Chinese news outlet Jiemian. Previously, CATL was reported to have been chosen as the primary supplier for Xiaomi EVs. However, as a newcomer in the EV market, Xiaomi has made recent adjustments to reduce manufacturing costs. A battery pack costs at least RMB 80,000 ($10,984), accounting for approximately 50% of the total cost of an electrical vehicle, according to Jiemian. Xiaomi’s EV model, set to be launched next year, is tentatively priced at RMB 199,000 ($27,323) for the low-end version, and at RMB 299,000 ($41,053) for the high-end version, as per Jiemian.[Jiemian, in Chinese]