Zhipu AI, a company founded by Tsinghua alumni in 2019, launched its first generative AI assistant named Zhipu Qingyan on August 31. The AI product is developed based on the company’s self-developed dialogue language model (DLM) ChatGLM2, Zhipu AI said in a statement. Currently, users can access the product by downloading its application from app stores or by using its plug-in on WeChat. According to Zhipu AI, the AI assistant has capabilities including general question answering, long form dialogues, creative writing, and code generation. Zhipu AI is a company specializing in large language models. It began developing the GLM pre-training architecture at the end of 2020, and developed a bilingual trillion-scale pre-training model GLM-130B in 2022. [Zhipu AI statement, in Chinese]