Chinese tech giant Huawei has filed a lawsuit in a Lisbon court against a resolution by Portugal’s cybersecurity council CSSC which prevents operators from the use of its equipment in 5G mobile networks, according to a September 5 report by Reuters. Although the resolution did not name Huawei directly, it was seen as a challenge to Huawei’s efforts to enter Portugal’s 5G market and extend existing contracts on 4G platforms, the report said. “Huawei Portugal seeks protection of its legitimate interests and legal rights under the law as a company duly established in Portugal,” Huawei told Reuters, adding that it hopes the court will remedy the violations of its rights and the detrimental impact on the company and its partners from the resolution. The secretary of state for digitalization, Mario Campolargo, who chairs the CSSC, said the previous deliberation was based on a strict security assessment following EU guidelines and not aimed at Chinese suppliers. [Reuters]