Kweichow Moutai, producer of China’s most famous baijiu brand, Moutai, has told media outlet CLS that it will make its alcohol-infused latte collaboration with Luckin Coffee a regular offering after it became a viral sensation in China. The Chinese luxury liquor maker stated that sales figures for the drink have “exceeded our expectations,” while reassuring consumers that the beverage is not only a limited time offering. On Monday, the first day of its launch, more than 5.42 million baijiu-infused lattes were sold, setting a new sales record for Luckin Coffee and naming the drinks chain RMB 100 million. The unusual combination of fiery liquor and latte has taken social media by storm, especially among young people who traditionally have not been the main consumer group for such a potent spirit. A bottle of Moutai typically sits at 53% ABV, while the Luckin latte contains 0.5% alcohol. [CLS, in Chinese]