On Tuesday, market intelligence firm TrendForce released the list of the top ten wafer foundries in the global market, with TSMC maintaining the leading position with a market share of 56.4%. The other nine foundries include Samsung, GlobalFoundries, United Microelectronics Corporation, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, Shanghai Huahong Group, Tower Semiconductor, Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, and Nexchip Semiconductor Corporation. The overall revenue of the top ten manufacturers decreased by 1.1% from the previous quarter to $26.2 billion. The foundries industry sustained a mediocre performance in the second quarter, as the market demand for electronics (smartphone and PC) remains sluggish, as stated in the report. Meanwhile, traditional sectors such as automotive, industrial control, and servers were undergoing inventory adjustments. [Icsmart, in Chinese]