Aito, a Chinese electric vehicle brand backed by Huawei, launched the redesigned version of its M7 sports utility vehicle on Tuesday. The updated model features Huawei’s latest HarmonyOS operating system for cars and is priced at RMB 70,000 cheaper than the initial version launched a year ago. The technology giant announced that future owners of the new six-seater crossover will have priority access to purchase its Mate 60 series of smartphones or its Mate X5 foldable device, following the sold-out success of its Mate 60 Pro flagship handset on September 3. Speaking at a press event in Shanghai, Richard Yu, the chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group, emphasized that the M7’s infotainment system would provide “the same smooth experience” as the Mate 60 Pro. Priced from RMB 249,800 ($34,299), the extended-range electric vehicle can travel up to 240 kilometers (149 miles) in all-electric mode and 1,300 km on a full tank and charge. Furthermore, Yu said it is expected to be capable of navigating busy urban streets nationwide automatically as early as December, equipped with Huawei’s assisted driving software, ADS 2.0. [Caixin, in Chinese]