Moutai and Dove’s co-branded chocolate has seen a surge in demand after the liquor-flavored snack was officially launched on September 16, with the price rising by 60% to 150%, according to a September 18 report by CLS. The official launch price for 20g of the baijiu-infused chocolate is RMB 39 ($5.3). However, on several unauthorized online stores on ecommerce platform, the price has reached RMB 64 ($8.8), representing a 64% increase. On Temu’s Chinese sibling app Pinduoduo, certain merchants have successfully sold the chocolate to customers at RMB 98 ($13.4), a 151% increase on the official retail price. At 10 a.m. on September 18, authorized online stores started another round of sales for the liquor-filled chocolate and saw it sell out within a minute. [CLS, in Chinese]