Meng Wanzhou, who holds the rotating chairwoman position at Huawei Technologies, outlined the company’s new “all intelligence” strategy at a summit on Sept. 20, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP). This strategic shift marks a once-in-a-decade upgrade from the “all cloud” strategy introduced in 2013 and the “all IP” strategy in 2003. During her speech at the Huawei Connect summit in Shanghai on Wednesday, Meng emphasized the company’s commitment to contributing to China’s technological advancement by serving as a crucial infrastructure and computing power provider. Huawei will offer “an alternative choice for the world”, Meng said without providing further details. The Huawei Connect event, spanning three days, showcased applications of Huawei’s technologies across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. The Chinese company supports organizations and industries in leveraging their data and knowledge to develop large language models and will build a computing power base to meet the diverse AI needs of different industries, according to Meng. [SCMP]