Huawei unveiled its Panggu vehicle large language model at the Huawei Connect summit in Shanghai, according to a September 21 report by IThome. The LLM is able to help autonomous driving systems in coping with complex scenarios in a two-day long learning cycle by constructing digital twin spaces and generating complex scene samples for them, according to Huawei. The model will empower various business scenarios in the auto industry, including automotive design, production, marketing, and research and development, the firm said. In July of this year, the Chinese telecom giant unveiled the latest version of its Pangu large model, Pangu 3.0. Zhang Ping’an, the executive chairman and CEO of Huawei Cloud, said at the time that the Pangu model series is specifically designed for various industries with a special focus on government affairs, finance, mining, railroads, and meteorology. So far, Huawei has extended the application of the Pangu LLM to scenarios including coal mining, weather forecasting, and medical care. [IThome, in Chinese]