Chinese automaker FAW Group will deploy in-vehicle laser sensors sourced from lidar maker Hesai in an upcoming new model under its Hongqi marque, scheduled for mass delivery during the first half of 2025, according to a statement released on Sept. 22. The move marks the first series production design of its kind and makes FAW the first automaker to use the technology at scale; most existing rivals have perched the equipment on the roofs of their vehicles to monitor the environment for autonomous driving. Nasdaq-listed Hesai released the ET25 in-vehicle lidar in April, a system which the company says can enable a sleek design for automobiles without reducing aerodynamics and acceleration performance, while still providing a clear view for the optical component to work thanks to quick cleaning via windshield wipers. Shanghai-headquartered Hesai captured nearly half of the total global lidar market in 2022, up from a 42% share a year ago, according to figures from consulting firm Yole Intelligence. [Hesai press release]