China’s passenger electric vehicle exports surged 107% year-on-year to around 91,000 units in September. Tesla topped the list with shipments of 30,566 units from its Shanghai factory, according to figures published by the China Passenger Car Association on Wednesday. This was followed by BYD and SAIC with 28,039 and 12,678 units, respectively. Geely and Smart, a joint brand owned by Geely and Daimler, shipped 5,026 and 2,146 EVs to overseas markets over the month. Notably, Xpeng Motors recorded exports of 766 EVs last month, making its first appearance on the list starting this year. China remains a major export country of gasoline vehicles, as EVs accounted for a quarter of the total amount last month. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the CPCA, said in August that China has the potential to export 5 million cars this year, either electric or gasoline-powered. [China Passenger Car Association, in Chinese]