Since its inception in 2011, the CHINABANG Awards has been dedicated to identifying and nurturing the power of innovation in China. Over the last decade, we have witnessed many innovative enterprises such as DiDi, Momo, DJI, Mobvoi, Ele. me, WeChat, and the Little Red Book evolved from humble beginnings to iconic symbols of China’s innovation landscape. At the same time, we have uncovered many exceptional individuals, most of whom have ascended to become highly regarded trailblazers in their respective industries.

Now, the CHINABANG Awards 2023 is officially underway! Since its inaugural launch in 2011, the list has undergone more than ten years of refinement and enhancement, marked by the continuous evolution of our selection process. This year, we have made another breakthrough by setting up the CHINABANG Awards -China’s Overseas New Power List. The list is dedicated to recognizing overseas innovation teams with strong ties to China, identifying the most promising and valuable overseas projects, and striving to create the most open and credible annual overseas accolade in the industry.

The CHINABANG Awards China’s Overseas New Power List aspires to spotlight innovative companies that have achieved breakthroughs in international emerging markets, as well as the innovative organizations and individuals who have played a pivotal role in bolstering China’s global influence. We will recognize companies that continue to explore overseas markets, exporting China’s technological prowess and influence, as well as pioneering entities contributing to the sustainable development of local business ecosystems during the process of localization. Above all, we will acknowledge Chinese overseas entrepreneurs, innovators, and entrepreneurial teams who have exhibited unwavering dedication to innovation throughout their journeys.

China’s Overseas New Power4 Awards Categories 

Overseas Technology Company of the Year:

Aims to discover and recognize Chinese technology companies that have taken root and grown in overseas markets. These companies have not only achieved remarkable results in the international market but also successfully integrated into the local business ecosystem during the localization process, winning international recognition for China’s technological and innovative strength.

Overseas Investment Organization of the Year:

Aims to select investment institutions that are keen on identifying opportunities in overseas investment markets. They search for booming emerging markets in China and around the world, providing financial support and strategic guidance to innovative companies, and driving the expansion and growth of Chinese companies globally.

Overseas Service Organization of the Year:

Aims to identify and recognize service providers that can help Chinese enterprises with different needs and in different fields to realize cost reduction and efficiency, and to make goods available globally. Whether it’s in the areas of overseas brand creation, logistics management, payment systems, marketing strategies, or SaaS, these service organizations provide critical support to Chinese companies to help them become more competitive in the international market.

Overseas Pioneer of the Year:

Aims to reward the pioneers who are the first to step out of their comfort zone and expand overseas in the wave of Chinese enterprises going overseas. Their courage to take risks, innovate, and break the limitations of national borders has set a good image for Chinese innovators internationally, as well as a role model for other innovative entrepreneurs.

Award Description: Overseas Technology Company of the Year, Overseas Investment Organization of the Year, and Overseas Service Organization of the Year are enterprise awards. Overseas Pioneer of the Year is an individual award. All awards must be nominated and declared independently through the official nomination channel.

Eligibility of Enterprises Nomination

  1. The applicant must be a legally registered company or a legal organization.
  2. Must be a Chinese technology brand with at least 1 year of overseas business operation.
  3. The submitted product/project/solution must be first marketed/published after December 1, 2022, or must be expected to be marketed before December 1, 2023, and the relevant intellectual property rights have been acquired.
  4. The applicant must submit product images in .jpg format and less than 10 MB. In the case of intangible products, the applicant may submit screenshots or diagrams.

All nomination information must be submitted by 23:59 on December 31, 2023. Please complete as much information as possible for the subsequent selection, list announcement, and potential media coverage.

Description of Enterprise Selection Process

Nomination: Enterprises may nominate themselves by scanning the QR code below or clicking on the Link to access the official website’s exclusive nomination portal for submitting information.

Nomination deadline: 12/31/2023

Scan the QR code for nomination.

Second Round: Select the list of enterprises/organizations/individuals who qualify for the final round.

Final Selection: The overseas lists of the year will be selected.

Selection Calendar

September – December 2023: Self-nominations;
December 31, 2023: Nominations closed;
January 2024 – Judge’s Second Road and Final Selection.

Award Entitlement

Brand Promotion

CHINABANG Awards is a brand that has accumulated prestige over more than a decade in the tech industry. Award-winning individuals and companies will receive the official certification and trophy from CHINABANG Awards.

International Stage (*within 1 year of official award announcement)

  1. Award-winning individuals and companies will be recommended for inclusion in the BEYOND Awards shortlist, with the chance to secure a complimentary exhibition booth and on-stage presentation opportunity at the BEYOND International Tech Innovation Expo, where they can showcase the latest technologies and trends across various industries.
  2. Award-winning individuals/companies will also be recommended for inclusion in the shortlist for the Origin Innovation Awards, hosted by TNGlobal. They will receive exclusive invitations to speak at the Origin Summit, becoming featured speakers at the event.
  3. Award-winning individuals and companies will have the opportunity to participate in the “出海时刻” (Overseas Moment) dialogue program, a media brand created and produced by Dynamic Tech, where they can discuss industry development trends and share insights into the challenges and opportunities of expanding businesses internationally.

Media Exposure (*within 1 year of official award announcement)

For finalists and winners, we will conduct an extensive promotion on Technode’s English and Chinese media platforms, while national and international media networks will provide ongoing coverage. For award-winning individuals and companies, we offer the reward of five free featured interviews or press releases.

Resource Sharing (*within 1 year of official award announcement)

Through the specialized communication platform established by CHINABANG, connecting businesses, organizations, capital, and media, award-winning enterprises will enjoy convenient resource matching and sharing services.

*More benefits will be continuously updated on the official website.

In this era filled with opportunities and challenges, we look forward to exploring, recognizing, and promoting China’s overseas innovation forces alongside you. CHINABANG China’s Overseas New Power is not just an awards event; it is also an industry celebration. We cordially invite outstanding innovative companies, investment firms, experts, scholars, and media friends to join us in witnessing the brilliant moments of Chinese innovation!

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Themed “Embracing the Uncertainties”, BEYOND Exp 2024 is scheduled to take place from May 23rd to May 25th, 2024, at the Venetian Macao’s Cotai Expo. The event will continue to gather the latest achievements and innovative thinking from the global technology sector, providing an unprecedented technological extravaganza for industry businesses and technology enthusiasts.

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