Chinese electric vehicle maker Li Auto is set to deliver 800,000 units next year, followed by rivals Xpeng Motors and NIO, which will aim for annual deliveries of 280,000 and 230,000 units respectively, media outlet 36Kr reported on Tuesday, citing figures from local suppliers. Specifically, Li Auto is hoping to sell 80,000 units next year of the Mega, the company’s first all-electric model and multi-purpose vehicle, while Xpeng expects sales of its similar offering to reach 2,000 units each month. Both vehicles are scheduled for launch later this year. The report said the estimates do not include projected sales by the forthcoming sub-brands of NIO and Xpeng, codenamed Alps and Mona. Li Auto, NIO, and Xpeng delivered 284,647, 126,067, and 101,445 vehicles respectively from January to October. The three companies did not respond to media requests for comment. [36Kr, in Chinese]