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China’s entertainment and culture industry is quickly realizing the power of IP

Reading entertainment news and content economy business insights published by Chinese media, it’s not surprising to see the direct use of the term “IP” (in Chinese). This intellectual property’s abbreviated form in Chinese context now refers to concepts of authenticity, brands, characters, stories, and even prototypes of ancient myths. Major entertainment and cultural players are […]

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Alibaba is revamping China’s offline retailing through a bottom-up approach

Alibaba’s expansion to brick-and-mortar stores started two years ago with a series of investments and acquisitions that worth as much as US$8 billion. To strengthen the offline foray, the Chinese e-commerce giant, which earns hefty profit margin because it does not hold inventories, is rewriting its asset-light model by opening Hema Xiansheng brand and Alibaba […]

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5 must-know Chinese computer vision startups

Vision plays a central role in human cognition. While we use eyes to see things and the brain to interpret and coordinate, it is difficult for computers or robots to duplicate the way human perceive and visually sense the world around them. Computer vision is the science that aims to give a similar capability to […]