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Patrice Nordey Fabernovel TechNode Insider

Patrice Nordey

Managing Partner at FABERNOVEL

Patrice Nordey is Managing Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of FABERNOVEL. An economist who graduated from Sciences Po, Paris, Patrice specializes in disruptive innovation, new technologies, and digital transformation.

<a href="">Deborah Weinswig</a>

Deborah Weinswig

CEO & Founder of Coresight Research

Deborah Weinswig has spent her career analyzing the intersection of retail and technology. She analyzes disruptions altering the new retail ecosystem, impacted by technology, real estate, supply chain, and fashion, industries that she has studied for many years as an award-winning analyst on Wall Street.  Articles

Michael Norris

Michael Norris

Research and strategy lead at AgencyChina

Michael Norris is the Research and Strategy lead at AgencyChina. Michael is very much on “the front line”. He spends one-third of his time undertaking fieldwork across China’s varied geography and city tiers. He has previously partnered to deliver breakthrough insight and research for brands and hedge funds. Articles

Jan-Peter Kleinhans profile TechNode contributor

Jan-Peter Kleinhans

Project Director of Geopolitics & Technology at SNV

Jan-Peter is the director of the project Geopolitics & Technology at Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV), a charitable, nonparty and independent tech-policy think tank in Berlin, Germany. His focus is on the intersection of geopolitics and the semiconductor value chain. Articles

<a href="">Elliott Zaagman</a>

Elliott Zaagman

Executive coach and co-host of China Tech Investor

Elliott Zaagman is a contributor to TechNode. He is also a corporate trainer, executive coach, and writer who splits his time between Bangkok and Beijing. He focuses on Chinese companies and how they relate to their employees, customers, and the public. 

James Hull

James Hull

Founder of Hullx Capital and co-host of China Tech Investor

James is an analyst and portfolio manager at Hullx Capital and co-host of the China Tech Investor Podcast, powered by TechNode.

<a href="">Jacob Cooke</a>

Jacob Cooke

Co-founder and CEO of WPIC

Jacob Cooke is co-founder and CEO of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, a technology consulting company that helps global brands with their web presence in China and Japan through data, analytics, e-commerce solutions, and more.

TechNode Insider Ashley Galina

Ashley G. Dudarenok

Founder of Alarice

Ashley Galina Dudarenok is a renowned China marketing expert, LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing in 2019, Asia-Pacific’s Top 25 Innovator, 3-time Amazon bestselling author, global keynote speaker, vlogger, podcaster, media contributor and female leadership spokesperson. 

Li Yingying TechNode Insider

Yingying Li

Founder of Yingfluence Inc

Yingying is the founder of Yingfluence Inc, a co-host at How China Works, a bridge-builder, a trilingualist, a cross-cultural communicator, a leadership coach, and a Yingfluencer.

TechNode Insider

Alvin Foo

Managing Director at Reprise Digital

Alvin Foo is a managing director at Reprise Digital. He is also a marketing evangelist who is into emerging tech. He is passionate about AI, digital transformation, marketing, and startups.

<a href="">Weiqi Li</a>

Weiqi Liu

Ph.D. student in Management Science at Xi’an Jiatong U

Weiqi Liu is a Xi’an-based Ph.D. student in Management Science with a background in law and engineering. His writing covers innovation, institutions, marketing, gender, and civil society.

TechNode Insider

Ze and Martina

Co-founders of Hey China!

Dr. Ze (Shirley) Yu is an expert in Chinese Strategic and Economic Affairs, with an extensive global network of Corporate and Governmental leaders, while Martina Fuchs is an International TV Anchor and Business Journalist, Event Moderator and Expert on China and the Middle East.