Shanda e-book unit file for IPO in the U.S.

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Shanda’s e-book unit or Shanda Literature?has just filed for IPO in the U.S. ?The news caused Shanda (SNDA) share price to rise 17% yesterday to US$51.45.

Earlier I have talked about this in Technode: Rumour: Shanda is going to list another of its divisions next year And I thought this IPO is going to be a good one, as the business is still growing.

Shanda has the copyright of most of the e-books in China. ?e-book download has already became very popular over the mobile phone. ?And, with the popularity of iPad and iPad-like devices, more and more people start reading books on their handheld devices.

Obviously, many investors are also thinking the same. ?Although it is unsure about the amount it is going to raise and the pricing, I believe it will be another hot Chinese internet IPO.

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