Baidu Map Now Supports Satellite View, Looks More Clear Than Google’s

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Finally, Baidu Map added the long-waiting feature: Satellite View (only available for China). Now it supports three view modes: Map, Satellite and 3D. I never used Baidu Map, so it is a bit surprise that Baidu Map just gets it launched today after years’ of operation.

We have no idea about how Baidu gets the satellite images, but if compare it with Google Map’s Satellite View, Baidu’s view actually looks a bit more clear. Google Map also offers Street View mode which I doubt Baidu can get it implemented soon.

Baidu Map Satellite View (Tian'anmen)

Google Map Satellite View (Tian'anmen)

There is still no sign of Google Map getting its license soon, so sadly we’ve heard that more and more local companies had to go for other choice. deCarta is now also active in China attracting local developers. The opportunity is now open to everyone.

  • Webmaster

    Well based on what I see the main difference is in the brightness of the layer. Indeed you can use google maps API to create similar layers as Baidu. Also whenever I used baidu the results are still crappy and loaded with advertisements as usual. 

  • TataMall

    Now,baidu maps more and more strong.But indeed,I still like to use google maps.Because I fell it more accurater.