GalaRing G1: Magic Ring Powered by NFC Encryption Technology

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GalaRing G1 is the first smart product under the consumer electronic brand GalaGreat, which planned to cover a series of smart gadgets like smart cards, smart wristbands, and smart toys. The product has been opened up for preorder this October with a price tag of 199 yuan ($32.45).

GalaRing G1 features titanium steel structure and covered with calf skin. Inside a normal-sized ring, two NFC chips are embedded. One of them is for digital business card, which contains customizable personal information. Users can exchange their digital business cards with another person by touching smartphones with NFC chips and there is no need to install any apps.

The other chip is for encryption of apps. After downloading a dedicated app, users can lock up their phones and only a slight touch with the ring can unlock the phone, saving the efforts for inputing passwords.

Moreover, there is no need to charge the ring, which is IP68 (Ingress Protection) rated and resisting to the intrusion of water and dust, even in harsh environments.

But the ring is now only compatible with Android-enabled smartphones with NFC technology, such as Samsung’ Galaxy, HTC One, Sony, Xiaomi, and OPPO.

The product is developed by MAX (MakerX), a startup team under AntiyLabs. Zhang Chong, head of the team, said that the smart ring market is relatively untapped. In addition to Guoke’s GEAK, two similar foreign companies are NFC Ring and Sesame Ring, but GalaRing G1 is the only one that has shipped products.

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    NFC ring has shipped products:

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      How can I buy yours. I just purchased theirs but feel horrible about it because it was designed buy you! Please Email will buy.

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      Can you give us an estimate on when non-backers can get their hands on one ?

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